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SportHQ Futsal Academy is a Futsal Club that focuses on using Futsal as a tool to develop outdoor soccer players as well as introduce them to the game legends grew up playing. Players like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Pele, Neymar Jr, Andres Iniesta, Luis Figo, Ronaldinho, Filipe Courtinho, Ronaldo, and many others attributed their player development to the game of Futsal.

Playing futsal is one the best ways to develop your soccer skills.  Futsal is a fast-paced game played with a weighted, smaller ball on a faster, harder surface.  With its small court and lack of walls, players must have good ball control, precise passing and are constantly required to make quick decisions and find creative solutions.  These technical and tactical challenges result in a more rapid skill development than regular soccer training.  Futsal training and play dramatically improve a player’s skill set; first touch, passing skills, dribbling skills, vision, movement off the ball, goal-scoring acumen, and split-second decision making.

SportHQ Futsal Academy

SportHQ Futsal Academy is played during the Winter and Summer off-seasons of outdoor club soccer.  Our Academy players will have 1 practice a week with multiple games throughout the season. The players will participate in Durham Futsal League (Home games and SportHQ) regional and local tournaments/showcases with the opportunity to play in United Futsal’s World Futsal Championship. 

Our Summer Season will have 4 Divisions for both Boys and Girls: 

Summer Season- May – August  (No games on 4th of  July weekend)


2013/2012 (U8/U9)

2011/2010 (U10/U11)

2009/2008 (U12/U13

2007/2006 (U14/U15)

Each Division will have a max of 20 pool players. Two teams will be made from the pool of players and compete in games and tournaments. At the end of the season players will have the opportunity to participate in United Futsal’s World Futsal Championship! Check out previous Worlds!

Showcase and Event dates:

Durham Futsal League (June-August)

Charlotte, NC- June 19th & 20th

Virginia Beach, VA- July 18th

Orlando, FL- July 28th-31st


$350 for season (10 practices 12+ games)

$150 for uniform (2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 socks, 1 training shirt, 1 1/4 zip)

*Team entry fee for the World Futsal Championship will be split among the players selected to represent SportHQ at the tournament in Orlando, Florida.*

For more information please email Kupono@sporthq.org or call 984-222-4581


Pelada is a Brazilian term used for street soccer. It has been part of many different cultures around the world and has attracted players day and night for decades years. Players like Romario, Ronaldinho, Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta and many other soccer legends played in the streets. Pelada refers to the different kinds of pickup soccer games played in parks, gyms and in the streets in countries across the world. The defining character of Pelada is that it is free from the restrictions of usual soccer games such as referee’s, boundaries and positions.

Creativity is difficult, if not impossible, to teach. It can only be encouraged by providing the environment that helps foster it, one that rewards risk-taking, imagination and inventiveness. This “street soccer” environment is crucial for developing youth soccer players. It  not only enables them to try new things and be clever on the ball while having fun but it gives them the opportunity to develop at their own pace and build confidence. It demands that players  continually solve soccer-related problems on their own, which helps them develop their independent decision-making skills through trial and error. But most important, it allows young players to enjoy the game for what it really is – a game.

We will be capping player limit to 20 players so register now!


June 14-July 30
  • 2013/2012 players-  Thursdays 5:00- 6:00
  • 2011/2010 players- Tuesdays 7:30-8:30
  • 2009/2008 players- Thursdays 8:00-9:00
  • 2007/2006 players- Tuesdays 8:30-9:30
  • Cost: $10 ($5 for SportHQ Futsal Academy members)
  • Limit to 20 players
  • Sign up now or pay in person


June 14- July 30
  • 2013/2012 players-  Thursdays 6:00- 7:00
  • 2011/2010 players- Tuesdays 7:00-8:00
  • 2009/2008 players- Fridays 6:45-7:45
  • 2007/2006 players- Fridays 8:30-9:30
  • Cost: $10 ($5 for SportHQ Futsal Academy members)
  • Limit to 20 players
  • Sign up now or pay in person
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