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Multisport Summer Camps, Year Round Track-Out Camps

SportHQ offers sports camps focusing on a variety of sports including but not limited to soccer, futsal, basketball, flag football, lacrosse and floor hockey. These camps provide a structured and positive atmosphere expose young athletes to a variety of sports. We believe that exposing children to different sports helps minimize injuries and develops better athletes.  We offer day camps every week of the year, so make use of the downtime during track out, holidays, winter and summer break!


Track-out Camp
Soccer and Futsal Skill Training

Soccer and Futsal Skill Training

We offer weekly soccer and futsal skill development training to help players bridge the gap between team practice and individual performance.

Our weekly training sessions utilize of both futsal and soccer disciplines to develop all aspects of the athlete’s skill set.

This unique combination provides an incredible opportunity for athletes to develop the skills and abilities required to continue progressing with their soccer game.

Functional Fitness and Sports Performance Training

Functional Fitness: We offer daily adult classes designed to elicit a broad and adaptational response to get you ready for anything the day throws at you. We accomplish this by using the following six fitness standards: Increasing the 10 physical skills of fitness, gaining the ability to perform any and every task well, Incorporating all three metabolic pathways, utilizing sport skills, balancing functional movement patterns, and filling in the gaps by isolating muscles. If you want to be prepared for any of life’s challenges then our functional fitness classes are for you.

Performance Training: Performance classes are designed to maximize athletic ability, prevent injury and give athletes the highest ceiling of potential. This is accomplished by teaching proper form, at the right intensity while providing a wide variety of movement combinations. If you want to improve in strength, stamina, endurance, speed, power, agility, balance, coordination, accuracy and/or flexibility then our youth performance class in for you.

Personal Training: Personal training is for anyone wanting to fill the gaps in their fitness or sports performance. Some want to play pro sports, some want to be able to play with their kids. Whatever it is we will work with you towards that goal.

Functional Fitness and Sports Performance Training

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