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Fit FCAll training programs are led by FIT FC and our director of fitness and sports performance Eric Johnson. We specialize in fitness, sports performance, mindset and nutrition coaching with an emphasis on education and support, aimed at inspiring and encouraging others.

Personal and Small Group Training

Personal and Small Group Training




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Solutions Our Programs Provide:

Solutions Our Programs Provide


Education on the intent of each session, physical skills, energy systems, movement patterns, adaptation, nutrition principles and more.


Learn skills and techniques focused on performance-based goals and lifestyle.


Strategic bulletproof training exposes you to different types of movement and incorporates variety.

Individual Approach

Every athlete is unique. Receive individualized nutrition guidance, mindset work, recovery practices, goal specific training, and more.


Experience community, and boost motivation and accountability.

How it Works

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Personal and Small Group Training Interest Form

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Embracing community wherever you are in the world.

We want to connect and help as many people as possible! If you don’t live in the Raleigh area but would still like to be part of our community send me a message. I would be happy to get you set up on our group chat and send over the password to our daily workout page at not cost.

The Program

The program

Train with us as we tackle fitness on a daily basis. As a whole we are looking to be as fit and well rounded as possible with an emphasis on any current goal you have in mind. Our program is for you if your looking for high quality training, customization, camaraderie, accountability, nutritional guidance, recovery practices, a deeper understanding of why you train or simply to just have fun in your fitness journey.

What to expect at a consultation

The main purpose of our consultations are get to know you better and dive into more detail on how we can help. We’ll ask you questions about your health/training history and go in depth with the goals you have and how we approach them. We will also spend time discussing your current nutrition/sleep habits and discover some of your motivators.

From there we will give you a complete session to see how you move and get a good idea of your current fitness level.

Each quarter of the year we will have a goal for you and check this in the form of a measurable test or competition. This always serves as a good check to continue moving you towards your bigger goals and to keep motivation high.

What to expect from a session:

What To Expect From A Session

The Warm Up

We focus on six main parts in preparation for each workout. Our first objective is to control your breath with box breathing. The second part of warm up is to activate your muscles by contracting and relaxing them together and separately. The third is to increase range of motion by taking your joints/muscles through rotations and dynamic movements. The fourth is to prep the body for anything by going through the 7 functional movement patterns. The fifth is to increase core body temperature and prime the body through speed, agility and power movements. Finally we go through progressions, skills and practice the movements in the upcoming workout.

The Workout

When programming each day we look at keeping the training stimulus broad and constantly varied while balancing the following: 10 physical skills, 3 energy systems, 3 modalities and 7 functional movement patterns while encouraging athletes to try new sports with the goal of being able to perform all tasks well.

In addition to our workout of the day we incorporate accessory movements with the purpose of isolating particular muscles with the goal of filling in any gaps an athlete might have due to previous habits or overcompensation.

SPP (Specific Physical Preparedness)

Everyone has different goals in mind. So at some point of each session athletes have the opportunity to train/practice a particular task or skill they are trying to improve.

The Cool Down

Cool downs begin with some form of active recovery to gradually bring the heart rate down. We next look to break up tension in the muscles, tendons ligaments and joints through static stretching and/or self myofacial release. We provide a full range of static stretches to ensure athletes are staying mobile and never becoming too tight in any particular area.


What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different


Compete Fitness

We not only help you become more well-rounded but also guide you toward specific goals. We do this by providing you with a training plan that includes warm ups, GPP, accessory training, SPP, cool downs, measurables, nutritional strategies, sleep/recovery guidance, assistance in understanding why you train and within all this developing a solid coach/athlete relationship.

We included fitness/goal training standards below. The motivation for all standards is to be as fit as possible while obtaining goals/sport improvements. The first standard evaluates our efforts against a full range of general physical adaptations, in the second the focus is on breadth and depth of performance, in third the measure is time/power and consequently energy systems, the fourth helps balance the 10 physical skills, the fifth balances the body and keeps athletes more durable and well rounded, the sixth expands the base and promotes enjoyment, creativity and consistency, the seventh fills in the gaps while the eighth emphasizes specific skills or physical tasks.

Fitness requires an ability to perform well at all tasks, even unfamiliar tasks, tasks combined in infinitely varying combinations. In practice this encourages the athlete to disinvest in any set notions of sets, rest periods, reps, exercises, order of exercises, routines, periodization, etc. Nature frequently provides largely unforeseeable challenges; train for that by striving to keep the training stimulus broad and constantly varied. Goal/sport improvements require emphasis in particular areas and in quite the opposite of fitness require more structure and timing. We blend both together by using fitness (GPP/accessory) as your base and goal/sport training (SPP) as the area you would like to excel in.

To be as fit as possible while obtaining goals/sport improvements we are looking at hitting the following standards:

♦ 10 physical skills

♦ Gain the ability to perform and every task well

♦ Incorporating all three metabolic pathways

♦ Balancing the three modalities

♦ Balancing functional patterns

♦ Utilizing sports

♦ Filling in the gaps by isolating the muscles

♦ Specific physical Preparedness



Faith Centered

God is the only reason FIT FC exists and we will use this platform however he wants us to spread the gospel and tell others about his son Jesus.



Small Group Focus

We believe small groups give the very best results by providing community, competition, accountability, specific attention, customization, relationship development and much more.

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