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Soccer and Futsal Programs in Cary, NC

SportHQ is Cary’s premier training facility with access to a variety of fields- Grass, Turf, Hardwood, and Indoor Turf. We offer youth technical soccer training programs as well as leagues and tournaments for youth and adults.

What is Technical Soccer Training?

Soccer TrainerOur Technical Soccer Training focuses on sharpening fundamentals as well as developing and maintaining ongoing success for beginner to advanced players. Our year round, monthly themed training sessions last 1 hour and supplement players’ outdoor club practices during season. As a soccer player, team practices. scrimmaging, and tournaments are fun but chances are that you’re not getting enough touches on the ball. For many players, the work they get through the week is simply not sufficient when it comes to skill development.

Our goal is simple: to bridge the gap between team practices and individual development.

Our unique monthly themed training sessions are designed for players to think with an attacking mindset with and without the ball. Players, ages 6-14 of all different skill levels will be challenged, learn explosive moves and learn a different attacking mindset while playing. If your child is just starting or on the clubs top team, SportHQ is the place to bring them.

Our program is designed and coached by an experienced veteran of the game – Kupono Low. His resumé includes over 15 years of professional play, including international appearances for Puerto Rico, and 10 years with the NCFC (previously known as Carolina Railhawks). Kupono brought together his decades of playing and coaching experience into a unique and effective philosophy.

Soccer Training

We offer a curriculum-based monthly program as well as the option of individualized personal or group trainings.

Winter Intensive

SportHQ is excited to hold its 5th annual Winter Intensive Soccer Training with Kupono Low!

Our Winter Intensive provides the same purpose as all of our soccer programs do, “to bridge the gap between individual development and team practice”.  Our session will be divided up by age and skill levels. Players will be able to attend some sessions or all sessions! Our curriculum will focus on dribbling WITH speed, ball control, shooting, first touch, and most of all Coach Low’s 3 S’s of individual defending!


Call to reserve an hour of personal or group training

Available now!
  • Boys and Girls
  • Ages 7+
  • Each session is 60 min
  • 1 player= $80
  • 2 players= $60 per player
  • 3 players= $50 per player
  • 4 player= $40 per player

Winter Intensive Soccer Training

November 9 - January 15 (8-Week Program)

Accommodate your schedule and choose which training days work for you!
  • Choose the training dates that work for your schedule!
  • Mondays and Wednesdays: 5:30-6:30 Recreation & Challenge players U7-U9 (Field 2) AND Recreation &  Challenge Players  (Field 1) U13-U15
  • Mondays and Wednesdays: 6:30-7:30 Recreation & Challenge players U10-U12 (Field 2) and Classic & Academy players ages U15 & U16 (Field 1)
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: 5:30-6:30 Classic & Academy players ages U10-U12 (Field 1)
  • Tuesday and Thursdays: 6:30-7:30 Classic & Academy players ages U13 and U14 (Field 1)
  • $30 per session
  • $25 per training session with purchase of 8 dates
  • $20 per training session with purchase of all 16
  • 10:1 Player to coaching ratio



Monthly Curriculum-Based

Ends October 31 and resumes February 1st
  • Monday Beginners Class are for players at recreation level. Players ages 11-14 meet Monday from 6-7pm
  • Monday Advanced Class are for players at challenge- Classic level. Players ages 11-14 meet Monday from 7-8pm
  • Tuesday Advanced Class are for players at challenge- classic level . Players ages 6-10 meet Tuesday from 6-7pm
  • Tuesday Beginners Class are for players at recreation level. Players Ages 6-10 meet Tuesday from 7-8pm
  • 10:1 player-to-coach ratio
  • Class focus:



Due to COVID-19 SportHQ will be having our Winter Futsal League outdoors.

Playing futsal is one the best ways to develop your soccer skills.  Futsal is a fast-paced game played with a weighted, smaller ball on a faster, harder surface.  With its small court and lack of walls, players must have good ball control, precise passing and are constantly required to make quick decisions and find creative solutions.  These technical and tactical challenges result in a more rapid skill development than regular soccer training.  Futsal training and play dramatically improve a player’s skill set; first touch, passing skills, vision, movement off the ball, goal-scoring acumen, and split-second decision making.

Smaller teams sizes allow players to get more touches on the ball and increased opportunities to score goals.  It is not uncommon for each player to have 750 ball touches during a single futsal session — which is in contrast to 60 to 90 ball touches in an outdoor soccer practice session.

Adult Futsal Pick Up

Friday Nights 9:00-12:00 PM
  • $10 Charge Per Person
  • Pay front desk upon arrival
  • Must be 18 years or older to play
  • We provide refs and game equipment (balls, goals, and pennies)
  • Admission is on a first come, first served basis
  • Friends and family are welcome!

Come join us! 

Winter Futsal League

Flexible scheduling to accommodated club soccer schedule

November 21 to January 24 (No Games 11/26, 11/27 & 12/26, 12/27
  • Format: 8 Game League.
  • Age Groups: 7-16, Birth Years: 2005-2012
  • Boys and Girls Divisions
  • Divisions: 05/06, 07/08, 09, 10, 11, 12
  • $200 Deposit required to hold spot
  • Price: $850/team.

Outdoor Soccer League

SportHQ hosts the only 5v5 outdoor soccer leagues in the Triangle. These games are played outside under lights on turf and grass fields.  Our Leagues will run during the Fall,Winter,  Spring, and Summer seasons. Each team plays a guaranteed 9 games in our 10 week season (8 league games + playoffs).

5v5 Adult Soccer Leagues:

Casual: (Monday Nights) This division should be played by recreational players only to allow players that are new to soccer or less experienced / skilled players to play a friendly game of soccer.

Competitive: (Tuesday Nights) This division should be played by experienced (youth, high school, or college) players or very athletic players that are looking for a competitive game built around other strong teams.

Elite: ( Thursday Nights) This division is our most intense and competitive division. With experienced teams and players, this division offers a consistent high level of play and very competitive games, best suited for players who have played collegiately and/or are in good physical condition.

Over 30: (Wednesday Nights) Our Over 30 Division will be for teams that have all players 30 years old and over on their team roster.

Over 40: (Friday Nights) Our Over 40 Division will be for teams that have all players 40 years old and over on their team roster.

*Teams can roster all men, all women, or coed.*

Youth Recreation League

SportHQ’s Recreation Soccer League are for players ages 4- 9 years old.

Spring Season

4/5 Year Old Division

 Games will be played on the weekends. All teams will practice for the first 30 minutes then scrimmage from 1:00-1:45 (20 minute halves with 5 minute half-time.) Each game will have a referee and their job will be to help the players understand the rules and allow the kids to play as much as possible.

Game Format: 4 vs 4 (no goalkeepers) No evaluations for this age group


6/7 Year Old Division

 Teams will have 8 practices and 8 games in 9 weeks
Games and practices will be played on our outdoor turf and grass fields.
Games Format: 6v6- 5 field players + 1 GK
Evaluations will be held prior to making teams and the date is TBD


8/9 Year Old Division

Teams will have 8 practices and 8 games in 9 weeks
Games and practices will be played on our outdoor turf and grass fields.
Games Format: 5vs5 (4 field players + 1 GK)
Evaluations will be held prior to making teams and the date is TBD

Adult 5v5 Outdoor Soccer League


September 21- December 4th (No games week of November 23rd)
  • 8-Game League + Round Robin Play-Offs (9 Games Guaranteed)
  • Casual, Competitive, Elite, Over 30, and Over 40 Divisions
  • All Divisions are “Open” allowing teams to build all male, all female, or co-ed rosters
  • 23-minute Halves
  • $500 / Team
  • All Games Played Outdoors (Turf)
  • 5v5 League Rules

Youth Recreation League


  • Format: Recreational with 8 practices and 8 games
  • Age Groups: 4-9
  • Co-ed
  • Divisions: 4/5 years old (Recreational), 6/7 years old (Recreational), 8/9 years old (Recreation)
  • $80 per player
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