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Adult Fitness Programs in Cary, NC

Adult Strength and Conditioning Classes

In our adult fitness classes at SportHQ we want people to know the power of their own bodies. We educate and train those who are interested in making the next 20 years better than the previous 20 years.

  • We work with the individual who wants to play with their kid without fear of pain.
  • We work with the individual who wants to travel, adventure, and experience life well into the golden years.
  • We work with the individual who wants to find joy and appreciation in their own body.

We are training professionals. Our facility is for people who believe that they have the power to change. We focus on people who want to find their best selves. We promise that engaging with our programming will help you feel better, look better, and live better.

We train our adult clients with the same philosophy and care that we put into our professional athletes. Each workout is coach led through a

  • Dedicated warm up to improve mobility and flexibility
  • Athletic skill piece to enhance coordination and movement
  • Strength training for muscular development and joint health
  • High intensity conditioning finisher to increase cardiovascular fitness levels
  • Intentional cool down to restore range of motion

Come try out the first class for free to see how our evidence led and experience driven approach works to exceed expectations and consistently deliver results.

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Unlimited Class Membership Rates

$165 Month to Month option

$150/Month for a 3 Month Commitment

$135/Month for a 6 Month Commitment

$120/Month for a 12 Month Commitment

$160 10 Class Pack

Family Discount – $40/month off for member 2, $80/month off for member 3, then $25/month for each additional member.
Ex. Family of 5 signs up for 6 month membership: Person 1 is $135/month, person 2 is $95/month, person 3 is $55/month, and person 4 and 5 are $25/month

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Personal Training


Training one on one with an experienced coach, working through a routine or program that has been crafted with your goals and abilities in mind, in an environment that has no distractions, detractors, or limitations, is the gold standard of performance and exercise instruction.  Imagine if you could start life over again but with the benefit of all the current knowledge you have attained to this point. You would be able to minimize mistakes and maximize outcomes. That is what training with one of our certified, educated, and professional coaches in like.

Regardless of the goal or situation, the session is designed for you.

  • Sport specific training
  • Return to sport progressions
  • Advanced performance coaching
  • Introductory level movement practice and instruction
  • Weight loss and nutrition education
  • Muscle gain and physique transformation
  • General health and wellness maintenance

We have coaches familiar with each of these categories to provide you with the ideal foundation and structure to reach and exceed your goals. The scheduling is flexible, based on a frequency and time frame that works best for you. In addition, the first assessment session is free. Contact us via email or phone to schedule a time to work through a movement evaluation and brief introductory physical testing followed by a dedicated time spent discussing your goals and how we can best guide you to them. Schedule your first assessment for free to experience the premier level quality that we consistently provide. The results will speak for themselves.

Sessions are sold in the following packages:

Single Session Package – $80 / session
6 Session Package – $75 / session
12 Session Package – $70 / session
24 Session Package – $65 / session
36 Session Package – $60 / session
***$5 discount per session for members

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