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Adult Fitness Programs in Cary, NC

Adult Strength and Conditioning Classes

In our adult fitness classes at SportHQ we want people to know the power of their own bodies. We educate and train those who are interested in making the next 20 years better than the previous 20 years.

  • We work with the individual who wants to play with their kid without fear of pain.
  • We work with the individual who wants to travel, adventure, and experience life well into the golden years.
  • We work with the individual who wants to find joy and appreciation in their own body.

We are training professionals. Our facility is for people who believe that they have the power to change. We focus on people who want to find their best selves. We promise that engaging with our programming will help you feel better, look better, and live better.

We train our adult clients with the same philosophy and care that we put into our professional athletes. Each workout is coach led through a

  • Dedicated warm up to improve mobility and flexibility
  • Athletic skill piece to enhance coordination and movement
  • Strength training for muscular development and joint health
  • Bootcamp style high intensity finisher to increase cardio and fitness levels
  • Intentional cool down to restore range of motion

Come try out the first class for free to see how our evidence led and experience driven approach works to exceed expectations and consistently deliver results.

We offer 6 month ($125/Month) and 12 month ($100/Month) commitments. Family rates are available, just ask us!

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Personal Training


The group classes and memberships are great, but what if you can’t make it consistently with work and travel, need something more specific or advanced, or are coming back from injury and you’re just not ready yet?

Individual training gives you the flexibility to schedule based around your life while building a relationship with a professional trainer to focus on YOUR specific goal:

  • Returning to your regular life after injury and physical therapy
  • Losing weight and gaining muscle while learning how to change lifestyle habits
  • Training specifically to improve mobility, strength, or fitness levels
  • Learning the correct form and technique for lifting and exercise
  • Improving your running technique and coordination
  • Sport specific training to get you that competitive edge

The session is built around YOU, and the assessment is process is free! Don’t let excuses get in the way of training to live the life you want. Call us to see how we can get you the results you need.

Sessions are sold in the following packages:

  • 6 Session Package – $75/session ($450)
  • 12 Session Package – $70/session ($840)
  • 24 Session Package – $65/session ($1560)
  • 36 Session Package – $60/session ($2160)

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