What is Futsal

What is Futsal


What is Futsal?

Futsal began it’s popularity in South America , and has been credited for the development of many professional players. There are very few professional players today outside the US who have not had extensive Futsal training and playing regimens in their young careers. In fact, testimonials of the world’s best players all include mention of Futsal training at the younger ages and beyond.

Why is Futsal training unique and effective? Futsal, played with a weighted, smaller ball on a smooth surface with scaled goals and without the aid of walls, provides greater technical and tactical challenges, resulting in greater and more rapid skill development than regular soccer training. Futsal practices typically run at faster than game speed.

Futsal training and play dramatically improve a player’s skill sets; first touch, textured passing skills, shooting skills, vision, movement off the ball, goal-scoring acumen, and split-second decision making. It is not uncommon for each player to have 750 ball touches during a single Futsal session — which is in contrast to 60 to 90 ball touches in an outdoor soccer practice session.

Futsal league versus indoor soccer league

While we are biased, we believe that the advantages of a Futsal league over an indoor soccer league are many.  Indoor soccer certainly beats sitting on the couch playing video games, Futsal leagues have the key advantage of being played without boards. No boards translates to a game that requires precision, finesse, higher level of teamwork and greater technical skill. Once the players learn to pass and distribute, we believe it is a less physical game as well.

In short, (and with countless world class soccer stars to back this statement up) If you want to become the best soccer player that you can be, Futsal should be a regular part of your supplemental soccer training!

Watch this short video to get a sense of what Futsal looks like when played at the highest level.


Intercontinental Video



Winter Futsal