2017 Fall Training

2017 Fall Training

Experience the Difference @SportHQ!

There are a lot of gyms and training facilities in the Triangle, but how may are committed to improving our youth? WE ARE!!

SportHQ is dedicated to transforming your athlete in to a dominant, mentally tough competitor in sport and in life. HQPerformance trainers are committed to working with dedicated youth athletes to push boundaries and reach peak performance levels. Our most successful athletes train year round (in-season too), buy in to the process and are consistent in effort and attendance.

HQPerformance builds on the foundation of:

* Strength – power & explosiveness * Speed & agility * Mobility – change of direction * Flexibility * Conditioning * Mental Toughness * Recovery

Hard work, persistence, and dedication to performance training can yield amazing results for your game! We challenge you to make performance a priority!



Winter Futsal