In-Season Training

In-Season Training

Our HQPerformance In-Season Package is for Intermediate/Advanced athletes (Middle School and High School athletes) who want to maximize their in-season potential. Training is once a week and athletes can come in and train off schedule Monday through Friday (4-6pm) & Saturdays (9:15-10:30am).

Training is designed to maintain sprint & agility mechanics, power and footwork strengthen in the posterior chain, joints and core, focus on mobility and rehab. Training is customized and tempo and reps is dictated off the the athletes workload and game schedule.

  • Each hour long training session covers speed, agility & footwork tune-up, strength training, flexibility and injury prevention.
  • Can come in and train “off-schedule” and separate from traditional small group. One Day a week.
  • Our overall goal is to maintain overall athleticism for peak performance when it counts.
  • Monthly Pricing ($85 per month Three month commitment. Upfront Cost $225 total).


For further information contact a member of our performance staff or send an email to Corey “Crickett” Bankston at

**Prior Performance athletes only. Available to athletes that have consistently shown up to training within the previous three months.


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