SportHQ is happy to announce that we are now offering private and small group yoga sessions for our athletes, taught by certified yoga instructor Jen Fortin. Yoga is a growing practice among professional and collegiate athletes for many reasons, it provides an athletic workout, breath control, flexibility, mental focus and aids in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Yoga practices can be tailored to fit your specific needs as an athlete, whether it is building core strength, improving mobility of the hips or shoulders, elongating muscles to aid in injury prevention, maintaining mental focus throughout stressful situations, and the list goes on. Every session is thoroughly researched and catered to the needs of the athlete or group.

Don’t hesitate to try a class or talk with Jen about what yoga can do for your mind, body and athletic performance.


Drop-In  Pricing (payment is required at time of registration):

  • $10


Monday & Friday 10am (Group Yoga)






Jen Fortin

HQYoga Specialist (

  • Certified yoga instructor specializing in yoga for athletes, yoga fusion classes, as well as balance and flexibility training
  • Works with various athletes including the Carolina RailHawks
  • Certified personal trainer

Contact Jen for private sessions



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