What we teach at Precision Lacrosse is the Canadian Box/Field Hybrid system.  We call this the box hybrid system and it is a combination of the Canadian box lacrosse game and traditional field lacrosse game. What we are able to create out of teaching this system is playmakers at every position that learn high-level stick skills, dodging techniques, as well as defensive footwork and mentality. This is cutting edge material within the lacrosse world and your child will be introduced to new philosophies, concepts, and drills throughout working with us at Precision Lacrosse. We teach with everyone learning and playing every position with a short stick, which dramatically increases defenders stick skills and body positioning while also allowing middies and attackmen to improve their defense and riding skills.

With the state of the art facilities that are offered at SportHQ, they give us the perfect opportunity to learn how to handle the ball in tight spaces as well as feed and finish like all of the Canadians do it. With smaller field space and tighter areas, players will be taught to master the two-man game from both sides of the ball which will in turn drastically increase their Lacrosse IQ.

The way that we teach our box hybrid system is starting from the ground up while going through a progression starting from players learning Canadian-box fakes, shots, and passing techniques to gradually building it up from 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 3v2, 3v3, and finally getting to 5v5. We run a high intensity, fast paced program to ensure maximum repetitions while also having the coaching staff to accommodate that which consists of highly knowledgeable NCAA D2 and D3 Collegiate Coaches, All-Americans, All-Conference players, National Team members, and an extremely talented Canadian in Jay Card.

The way in which lacrosse is played is forever changing and with the influx of Canadian talent within the College game, more and more teams each year look to incorporate some type of box hybrid style within their offense. If you look at all divisions and levels of lacrosse, there are always many Canadians atop the leader board in points. It’s even been said that for them to go from shooting on a box net to shooting on a regular outdoor net is like shooting into the ocean. To see the best proof of just how effective the box hybrid system is, look no further then the World Lacrosse Championship which took place this Summer. Canada beat the US in the championship game while playing the same box hybrid system that we teach at Precision Lacrosse.

Precision Lacrosse @ SportHQ Clinic Schedule

9:00-9:30 Check in/Registration

9:30-9:50 (Parents are encouraged to stay)

Staff Introductions

Go over what we will be teaching, league starting in fall, and explain box hybrid

9:50 Parents dismissed

9:50-10:00 Split up into groups on different fields

10:00-10:15 Coaches will lead stretches

10:15-11:00  Cutting-edge stickwork

Fundamental Passing (Collarbone)

Triple Threat Positions (Collarbone, Windups, and Sidewinders)

Pump Fake and Look Back Fake

Hard Pumps

Shovel Pass

Behind the Back

11:00-11:15 Jay will demonstrate box fakes, shots, and passing techniques

11:15-11:40 Each group will go through drills practicing these fakes, shots, and passes.

11:40-12:00 1v1s (Let them get right into it as we will go over film on 1v1 offense and defense while eating lunch)

12:00-12:45 Lunch(subway)/ Go over film in film room while going over 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 3v2, 3v3

12:45-1:00 2v1

1:00-1:25 2v2

1:25-1:45 3v2

1:45-2:00 3v3

2:00 Divide into stations which will last 30 minutes a piece

Performance- going over a college workout, what to eat, protein, etc.

West Genny/Other Games

Pick your poison- Coaches will teach whatever the kids want to learn: faceoffs, checks, shots, etc.

3:30-5:00 Box Hybrid Lacrosse games!!!



Winter Futsal