Futsal Overview

Futsal Overview

Our Mission with Futsal

Our goal is to help young athletes reach their soccer potential in a safe and fun environment.  We proudly want to continue to lead the Triangle soccer community in how to best utilize Futsal as part of the soccer development process.  We will continue to invest in our skills in the area of Futsal. For example, we are bringing the FC Barcelona coaches to us so that we can learn from them.

We also believe that we can best serve our role as Futsal Ambassadors by opening our doors to all clubs.  We want to see as many outdoor soccer coaches as possible in our facility and adding futsal to their arsenal of coaching skills.  From our perspectives, the more coaches that believe that futsal should have an important role in the soccer development process the better!

How we look at the year

We believe futsal training should be a blend of indivdual work and work as a team (team = outdoor club team).

Individual Focus — Summer.  Our academy in the summer is nearly 100% individually driven.  While we know we will have entire teams that sign up, we will treat everybody as an individual and allow each individual to focus on developing their own skills.

Team Focus — Spring and Fall.  Our role during these two seasons, when club teams are in season, is to use futsal to support and complement the efforts of the club teams.  We predominately work with entire teams that come to our facility on an every week or every other week basis to practice as a team on the futsal court.  During these training sessions, the team can develop passing chemistry, ability to play together in tight spaces – which frees up the outdoor coach to work on other dimensions of soccer in the outdoor practices. (In spring and fall we will continue to provide a one night a week academy to allow all players the change to have one day of futsal training and futsal games).

Blended Focus – Winter.  While individuals are allowed to sign up in the winter, our long-term goal is that only teams signed up in the wintertime. However, during the Academy sessions, we will combine players from multiple teams to work on individual skills. On the weekend, the team will then utilize those skills in league play culminating in a end of winter tournament.

Our Approach to Futsal

We believe in a balanced approach to futsal.  Ideally, we would have each athlete spend their time at SportHQ one-third on the futsal court focused on technical skills, one-third performance training and one-third playing futsal games/ scrimmages.  You have to practice the moves, be strong/agile/flexible enough to perform the moves and you have to demonstrate the moves in a game setting.



Winter Futsal