Fall Team Training

Fall Team Training

Fall Team Training


We are very proud of our work training soccer teams during the spring and fall season.  Last spring, we trained 20 teams — working on both futsal and performance training.

The benefits of our training are several and easy to describe:

1. The combination of futsal and performance training will keep your team in shape and fit to play all year long.

2. Injury prevention.  Teams that we have trained, since they are working on balance, agility and core strength, are less prone to injuries.

3. Futsal training.  Futsal training provides for a lot of quick, agile ball touches — and promotes teamwork.

4. Change of pace.  Let’s face it, the soccer season can be a long one.  By training at SportHQ your team will be experiencing a change of pace that will keep them fresh for outdoor practice and games.

5. Weather.  Being indoors, you are protected from the weather.  This practice will not be canceled!


Cost:  While it varies based on what you are looking for, in general, team training cost $10 to $20 per player.


Interested: Contact Jordan at jordan@sporthq.org or Chip at chip@sporthq.org.


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