About HQ

About HQ

Our mission is to improve every athlete that walks into our building, in a structured yet relaxed environment.  We cater to all athletes, whether they are a professional at the peak of their career, a youth first testing sports or a focused teen preparing for a collegiate athletic career.   We believe that by providing excellent, high level coaching we can accelerate any individual’s development — as long as they want to improve!

Our unique and defining expertise is in the area of Futsal.  We passionately believe that technical futsal training can dramatically improve the development of a youth soccer player.  Futsal specifically improves quickness, control, accuracy of passes and spatial awareness — all attributes that directly translate to the outdoor soccer game.. And, since the futsal court is very fast controlled area of space, we can provide 500 to 1000 touches each training session allowing the technical skills to become natural for the soccer player.

Our second defining expertise is performance training.  Our HQPerformance staff bring a wealth of sport specific performance training. They proudly never vary a routine as they work to improve each athletes core strength, agility, speed and quickness.  As the Performance Trainers to the Carolina RailHawks, they are passionate about what it takes to work with the highest level professional athletes.  And, they can translate that knowledge into training your athlete!

We have been conducting a year round sports camp since 2013.  Our camp is for kids that want to stay active and want variety.  In the course of the week, our goal is to switch activities every 45 minutes and to never have the same structured activity twice.  Camp is fortunate to be able to leverage the strengths of our Futsal and Performance coaching group in their curriculum.

We take pride in developing athletes; especially youth athletes who want to improve.  We enjoy watching them pile out of the car and running into SportHQ to participate in Futsal, Performance or our Camp.  We congratulate our athletes that earn college athletic scholarships; the RailHawk player named to NASL Player of the Week or the athlete invited to play at a national level.  But we also take potentially even greater satisfaction in the Rec player who is now leading their team in scoring after working with our Camp team, or the challenge teams that are now in contention for first place in their league after multiple seasons of our providing both futsal and performance training; or the classic teams that we provided futsal/performance training that not only have played well, but have not lost one player to a significant ankle or knee injury during the season.


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