2015 Summer Futsal High School Academy

2015 Summer Futsal High School Academy


The program is tailored in the following ways for our High School group:

  1. We offer more flexible alternatives on how to sign up (Attend Any Number of Sessions For $135) – all three alternatives include 90 minutes of futsal play on Sunday at 5:30)
  2. We keep the pricing lower for this age group then our other age groups.  $135 flat rate fee, come to as many or as fee sessions you desire.
  3. Held at noon, hopefully to allow those that work or have evening soccer training to fit in time for futsal
  4. Advanced curriculum designed around game situation, movement and reacting to your teammates
  5. Our coaches not only coach, but will also participate in the drills and training

And like our program for the other age groups:

  1. First session June 15th.  Sessions run every week for seven weeks until July 30th.  Each session is 80 minutes in length
  2. If you sign up, you choose which sessions you will attend — and no need to pre-select which sessions. We are flexible!
  3. Curriculum is based on what we have learned from working with FC Barcelona last summer. For three weeks in July, players from FC Barcelona’s U16 team will be joining the drills and lending their expertise
  4. Every session will combine futsal training and performance training.  The performance training will focus on speed, quickness, core strength and injury prevention
  5. Futsal sessions will be capped at 15 players on the futsal court (since time is split between futsal and performance, means we have a cap of 30 players in any one session)
  6. If a sibling participates in the academy (any age group), we will reduce your price by $15 (and the price for the sibling as well)

Please call us at 919-535-3493 or email us at geoff@sporthq.org if you have any additional questions


To register, use the following link:  Summer Futsal HS Academy

If you want to register for the U9/U14 Academy, use the following link: Summer Futsal Academy


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