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Youth Sports Performance Classes Cary, NC


Developing Athletes

Ages 12 & Under

Monday-Friday 4:30-5:30pm, Sat. at 9am

In our developing athletes class we focus on improving mobilitycoordination, and confidence. We use engaging athletic drills to teach proper running technique and movement skills for a foundation to become faster and stronger while staying healthy. Our goal is to create a positive experience for these youth athletes that will educate and encourage them to grow.

Advanced Athletes

Ages 13-17

Monday-Thursday 6:30-7:30pm, Saturday at 10am

As bodies start changing and sports become more demanding, the training we do needs to advance as well.  Our advanced athletes classes challenge the athletes to perform at their best. We introduce weight lifting, more advanced field work drills, and conditioning routines in an environment that reinforces proper technique, healthy lifestyle choices, and effective recovery to provide the highest quality in athletic development.

Collegiate Athletes

Ages 17+

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 3:00-4:30pm

Our collegiate class meets 4 days a week from June to mid August. If you’re heading to college or back for the summer, and need a place to sharpen your skills to prepare you for your best season yet, this is the program for you. We work through advanced strength training techniques, elite level speed and agility work, and intensive conditioning drills to keep your mind and body performing at peak potential.

Class Memberships

Unlimited Class Membership Rates:

$165 Month to Month option

$150/Month for a 3 Month Commitment

$135/Month for a 6 Month Commitment

$120/Month for a 12 Month Commitment

$160 10 Class Pack

Family Discount – $40/month off for member 2, $80/month off for member 3, then $25/month for each additional member.
Ex. Family of 5 signs up for 6 month membership: Person 1 is $135/month, person 2 is $95/month, person 3 is $55/month, and person 4 and 5 are $25/month

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Personal Training Packages

Training one on one with an experienced coach, working through a routine or program that has been crafted with your goals and abilities in mind, in an environment that has no distractions, detractors, or limitations, is the gold standard of performance and exercise instruction. Imagine if you could start life over again but with the benefit of all the current knowledge you have attained to this point. You would be able to minimize mistakes and maximize outcomes. That is what training with one of our certified, educated, and professional coaches in like.

Regardless of the goal or situation, the session is designed for you.

  • Sport specific training
  • Return to sport progressions
  • Advanced performance coaching
  • Introductory level movement practice and instruction
  • Weight loss and nutrition education
  • Muscle gain and physique transformation
  • General health and wellness maintenance

We have coaches familiar with each of these categories to provide you with the ideal foundation and structure to reach and exceed your goals. The scheduling is flexible, based on a frequency and time frame that works best for you. In addition, the first assessment session is free. Contact us via email or phone to schedule a time to work through a movement evaluation and brief introductory physical testing followed by a dedicated time spent discussing your goals and how we can best guide you to them. Schedule your first assessment for free to experience the premier level quality that we consistently provide. The results will speak for themselves.

Sessions are sold in the following packages:

Single Session – $80/session

6 Session Package – $75/session ($450)

12 Session Package – $70/session ($840)

24 Session Package – $65/session ($1560)

36 Session Package – $60/session ($2160)

***Clients who also hold a SportHQ membership receive a $5/session discount

***Response Physical Therapy patients that transfer over to SportHQ receive a $5/session discount on the first package they purchase.

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